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Women Holding Hands

We do this work to have impact. We transform systems.

Whether it is one person or a large a organization, We transform them to be better versions of themselves.

Below is a sampling of the most popular services we offer. We can also customize a program specific to your needs.

If you have an idea or special challenge you are faced with, let's talk and brainstorm together. 

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Topics Include:

Authenticity in the Workplace


Women Supporting Women



Workshops Customized for You


Women's Retreats







Inclusion needs to be baked into the bread and not just the icing on top. We are partners in this process where we provide the framework to become more inclusive and you do the work.

We will guide you through the necessary steps, assessments, and conversations to determine the issues, brainstorm well-researched solutions and make necessary changes that will lead to better, longer lasting results. You will bake inclusion into the bread.

Cargo Ship at Sea

Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment in the Maritime Sector

We provide consultation, training and program management to the maritime industry on sexual assault sexual harassment (SASH) prevention and response. 

Our team brings a unique background and passion for this topic. We have served at sea, have build and managed SASH prevention and response program and are qualified victim advocates. We also have the education and certifications qualifying us to build effective SASH prevention and response programs specific to the maritime industry. This combination allows us to quickly get to work with maritime companies looking to build or enhance their SASH prevention and response program. 

Ready to get started?

Schedule a consult to discuss how we can work together.


What Our Clients Say

"The Circle doesn't change what circumstance you are facing, it changes the way you see yourself."
-Kerry K., Women's Circle Participant

"It was so energizing to see our women empowered to share and lead.
You had an immense impact today."
- Clint Prindle, CAPT, USCG

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